Save Money with Solid Surface Exchange

Solid Surface Exchange is all too familiar with how contractors and fabricators lose money by not being able to utilize a cost effective method to make project completion times faster, more efficient, and cost effective. 

Solid Surface Exchange has come up with a unique, cost effective method for assisting fabricators and contractors by making available an online inventory database that allows both fabricators and contractors to communicate effectively as opposed to conventional methods of material search and inventory verification, order placing, and price quotes. 

Fabricators save money by reducing and profiting from overstock, and remnant materials posted on our online 24/7 access online database.  No more space consuming, dust collecting remnants lying around, Solid Surface Exchange helps you turn your scrap into cash!

Contractors save money by eliminating unnecessary phone calls, and trips to their local fabricators to verify inventory.   No more ordering a large slab of solid surface just to complete a small job!  Solid Surface Exchange helps you find just what you are looking for while saving you time and money!

Solid Surface Exchange is local!  Save time and money by dealing locally! Contractors can inquire about, place a “hold” on, and schedule pick up of desired materials from their local fabricators inventory.  Solid Surface Exchange is a must have for your company; it is a powerful tool that saves you time, money and fuel!