Solid Surface and Laminate Fabricators - Turn Scraps to Cash!

Yes, you have been heard! Whether you are a Kitchen Designer, Custom Cabinet Design Company or General or Remodeling Contractor, ask your fabricator to set you up in their solid surface exchange account.

Reduce your Excess and Overstock inventory

No more going back and forth with your solid surface or laminate Fabricator to find out what they have available and in-stock, small or large pieces, sinks, or other products. No more buying large slabs for a small vanity or threshold. No more wasted time, be more efficient with your Contractor.

Manage your Fabricating Business more effectively - Join today!

Now you can better communicate with your Contractor directly online. As a registered Fabricator, you will obtain account with many online tools and features that will allow you to post your inventory of solid surface and laminate materials including specialty items...... setup an account here

The benefits when you join:

Find a Professional Fabricator